Semi-formal letters

What is exactly a semi-formal letter? A semi-formal letter is not a formal letter and not an informal letter ­čÖé Ok, let’s get serious … semi-formal letters are sent to people you don’t know very well or when you want to be more polite and respectful (e.g. a pen friend’s parent, a schoolteacher, etc.). For this reason they are written in a more polite tone than informal letters. Here are some tips of what a semi-formal letter should consist of: More…


Formal letters

Had to write recently some formal letters … hmm…ya…that’s why I’m going to write down some stuff about them. Hope my tips – English rules in fact:) – will be helpful to someone.┬áSo, let’s get started.

Formal letters are normally sent to people in an official position or people you don’t know well (e.g. Director of Studies, Personnel Manager, etc.) They are written in a formal style with a polite,┬áimpersonal┬átone. You can write a formal letter to apply for a job/course, make a complaint, give/request official information, etc.